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Stage & Dance Floor Decor

Tent and Décor are also specialists in designing décor for stages and dance floors.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and recognize that both our corporate and private clients have varying needs and budgets.

We shall work together to make each and every event, unique and memorable by employing the appropriate drapery for the stages and dancefloors to provide ambience that is as realistic as possible. Our team is capable of creating an aura of atmosphere designed to delight all your guests during your special occasions and events.

We create all the visual Decor, Dance floor areas and even backdrops including Fairy Light Backdrops, Lighting and LED effects using our large inventory of accessories. These are all incorporated into the stage and dancefloor décor for that unique result that you desire. 

About Tents & Decor

Tents and Décor Company is an indigenous owned medium size business that has been designed to be dynamic and responsive to life’s events by putting great considerations into the customers requirements for their events and occasions.

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Tents & Decor Company
P.O Box 00100 Nairobi
Tel:+254 715 550 556 / +254 787 550 556
Email: info@tentsanddecor.co.ke
Web: www.tentsanddecor.co.ke

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